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In Plaque mounting, your artwork (poster, print, photo,etc...) is laminated onto MDF board (medium density                                                                                           fiberboard) The edges are then beveled and painted.
What items can you plaque mount?

Anything flat that is no more than 1/8 thick: Business documents, Awards & Certificates, Promotional & Advertising Materials, Point-of-Sale Displays, Prints & Photos, Movies & Sports Posters, Newspapers & Magazine Articles, Blueprints, Postcards, Children s Drawings, Wedding Invitations, Mission Statements, Charts, Jigsaw Puzzles, Newspaper Clippings, Sketches, Maps, Collages, Comics, Price Lists, Letters, Charts and Displays.
The following articles should NOT undergo the plaque mounting process.

If a print is valuable or irreplaceable it should not be laminated or plaque mounted. For example, valuable original artwork or limited edition prints should not be plaque mounted.
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