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This calligraphy fountain pen set comes with a smooth, black barrel, six interchangeable gilt broad-edged nibs: F, M, B, 2B, 3B, 4B. Four black cartridges. Smooth writing, good thicks and thins. Great for beginners, quick work, and envelope jobs. F=.85mm, M=1.1mm, B=1.35mm, B2=1.6mm, B3=2.2mm, B4=2.8mm. Specify Right or Left Hand.

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Nib Holder with clamping lever mechanism for easy handling: open lever, put in nib and close lever. No more risk of injuries and no morebending of the fine nib.                Price = $7.50
                                      Accompanying set  of 5 nibs =
See the Ink Section for
suitable inks for calligraphy.
6 piece Sumi Chinese calligraphy set.
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Note* Set may not be exactly as shown.